Each student will be required to produce a 1500 words project management report which should include and discuss project documents related to their project. These documents should include business case, project charter, work breakdown structure and a critical path analysis. Students should also critically evaluate ethical, social and legal responsibilities during a project by referring to current project management literature.


Tasks / Deliverables of Assignment 2


Task-1: Prepare a business case for your selected project. Pay particular attention to the following areas in your project business case:

a)Strategic case for the project with a justification for undertaking the project. (10 Marks)

b)An evaluation of costs/benefits and risks of alternative options while providing a rationale for the selected options. (10 Marks)

c)A summary of the benefits (both tangible and non-tangible) that will arise from the completed project and any unavoidable drawbacks. (10 Marks)


Task-2: Prepare a project charter and based on this, design a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure). You also need to develop a critical path for the work breakdown structure. (20 Marks)


Task-3: Evaluate the role of a project manager in the context of their ethical, social and legal responsibilities during a project. Critically evaluate the skills an IT project manager needs to perform exceptionally well. Assess how the work of a project manager is judged and appraise the limitations faced by a project’s team. (15 Marks)


Task-4: Write a critical summary of using cost-benefit analysis. Discuss other quality assurance tools/processes, focusing on their application within project management.