The highly respected international funding body, the Barbara Walsh Foundation, has approached the university with the aim of funding a range of diverse projects in the University of Canberra. The University has asked you, as first-year students, to develop project proposals for possible funding that align with your passions, goals and expertise. The BWF has a reputation for funding projects in creative and non-creative fields alike.


Your task is to produce a 1300- 1500 word project proposal that outlines a project of your choosing related to your field of study or practice, and which would benefit from funding. This can be an idea for a creative project (eg.a piece of writing; a graphic design project; a film or website; a piece of investigative journalism; an architectural drawing or idea; a branding or marketing proposal; a curatorial or conservation proposal) or a project designed to engage in a more traditional piece of research.


Your proposal will be made up of seven (7) distinct sections:


  1. The proposed idea ( “WHAT”) (100 words)
  2. The context of the proposed idea, and why it is significant – why it matters and should be funded (“WHY”) (300 words)
  3. The methods you will use in approaching the project (“HOW”) (600- 800 words)
  4. An expression of the time it will take to complete the project (“WHEN”) (100 words)
  5. Any problems or limitations you can foresee (50-100 words)
  6. A brief statement of who you are and your capacity to carry out this project. (“WHO”) (100 words)
  7. A bibliography of at least 5 sources. (using APA style)


This assessment is about taking one of those goals you outlined earlier in the term, or something that’s been on your mind for a while and seeing if you can break it down into a manageable project. This will help you think about one of your passions and translate it into a realistic project brief – a task that all of you, at some stage, are likely to undertake.



Assessment  Criteria


  • Overall clarity of project idea
  • Evidence of considered thought in each aspect of the proposal
  • Correct number and quality of appropriate resources
  • Follows correct presentation and submission procedures.
  • Clearly expressed prose with attention to grammar and spelling.


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