Provide a title that conveys or describes the assignment.
Project Purpose Statement – Provide a declarative sentence or two which summarizes the specific topic and goals of the project.
Background and Significance – State the importance of the problem and emphasize what is innovative about your proposed project. Discuss the potential impact of your project on your anticipated results to the betterment of health and/or health outcomes.
PICOt formatted Clinical Project Questions – Provide the Population, Intervention, Comparison, Expected Outcomes and timeframe for the proposed project.
References – Cite references using APA 6th ed format.

The PICOt question which I have decided to pose is: “How does the development of a wellness education program ( I ) compare to none ( C ) in decreasing the prevalence of type II diabetes ( O ) in African American’s over the age of 20 years ( P ) during a six-month period ( t ) in primary care?” This PICOt question is important because the prevalence of diabetes in the African American population in the United States remains high today. Chleobwy, El-Mallakh, Myers, Kubiak, Cloud, and Wall (2015) reported statistics that stated over 14% of the population in the United States over the age of 20 years have been diagnosed with type II diabetes. Additionally, the prevalence of type II diabetes is higher in African Americans than other racial groups (Chlebowy et al., 2015). As I research the topic further, there is a possibility that the age group could be narrowed, as well as the population size could be reduced from the United States to more specific communities which are affected by type II diabetes.