This assignment focuses on Project Report on a Corporation. There is also an analysis  of Strategic Plans and Action plans.

Project Report on a Corporation : Strategic Plans and Action plans analysis

Project Report on a Corporatiton

 Paper details:

1. This is an individual project. Secondly, The student is required to follow the guideline as much as possible. Thirdly, All sources used should cited in a bibliography. Fourthly, absolutely no plagiarism. You work will be run through a plagiarism software program. 5. The project is not to written as an essay, but like a project report. 6. It should  in a word document. Besides, all parts in the outline need to be filled out with details. You will be required to provide a citation in the bibliography for information provided, and justification for any suggestion/strategy/action plan. So, there is no specific format for the bibliography. 7. Font: Times Roman New and font sized 12, double space, no minimum number of pages, just make sure you cover all or near all parts mentioned in the outline.

Project Report on a Corporation : Strategic Plans and Action plans analysis

8. The points in the guideline that need to discuss strategy, should have two parts mentioned- Strategic Plans and Action plans. Choose a corporation. To be approved by the instructor. You are to assume the role of the chief marketing strategy officer for the corporation, and have the do the rest of the parts, as if, working in that capacity. Name and Introduction of the corporation.

Introduction should define the business, value chain, and revenue model. So,definitions of the products/services Market segment and positioning Creation of Value Elements in the products/services Define the firms Ecosystem as it is now, and how is it changing or likely to change. Lastly, you need to elucidate how the firm is putting purpose at the core of its strategy.

Detailed Instructions

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