Assignment Details: As a property analyst, you are required to carry out a ratio analysis report for your client who has an opportunity to purchase an income-producingcommercial property in Sydney or any major city of Australia. You must identify an income-producing commercial property and obtain the information for the property as follows:

  1. Property Data- asking price of the property, purchasing costs-legal fees etc.
  2. Income Data-vacancy rate, current rent, operating expenses (outgoings) etc. There are 5 major parts of this report:


Part 1: Introduction

You should provide the identification of the property. It includes description information of the subject property.

Part 2: Property Market

Provide a review of market fundamentals and the property market. The review should be done at two levels covering the period 2017 -2021.

  1. The first level is a review of key market fundamentals of Australia such as cash rate, GDP, inflation/consumer price index, unemployment rate, and population growth.
  2. The second level is a review of key property parameters of the local market of the subject property such as Sydney, Melbourne etc., focusing on vacancy rate, demand, supply, price, rent, incentives, investment activity, and yield.

Part 3: Mortgage Requirements

  1. You are also required to obtain mortgage information for your client. Identify the amount of loan that is required, term and repayment frequency and interest rate. Based on the information, calculate the loan/mortgage repayment.
  2. You should compare mortgage payment from at least 3 lending institutions from which you will recommend one to your client.

Part 4: Ratio Analysis

By utilising the collected data, conduct a detailed ratio analysis. A table consisting of all essential information is also expected.

Part 5: Conclusion and Recommendation

This section should provide a conclusion of the report. Your recommendation should be given.

Assignment Requirements

  • The report is to be submitted through the Turnitin Link provided on vUWS.
  • Although there is no page limit, this assignment should not exceed 1,000 words excluding tables, figures and appendices with using 12 points font size and 1.5 spacing.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, although referencing and acknowledgements will be reflected in a marking schedule, failure to reference and acknowledge will lead to automatic failure of the assignment with a 0 mark.
  • There should be a minimum of 5 references.
  • Late submission will be penalised in accordance with the School policy at the rate of 10% of awardable marks per day or part of day late.


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