Collect ethanol waste in a separate container labeled organic waste. Place the aqueous phase in the appropriate waste container (inorganic or aqueous waste). Collect the solid products in separate solid organic waste containers. POST -LABORATORY QUESTIONS

 1. Determine the % yield of the reaction.

 2. Compare the melting point of hydro benzoin with the literature value. Which stereoisomer was synthesized?

 3. Draw the structure of the product that results from complete reduction of the following compounds with NaBH4: a) cyclohexanone; b) 3-cyclohexen-1-one; c) 1 ,4-butanedial; d) 4- oxo hexanal; e) acetophenone. 

4. Propose a mechanism for the reduction of benzil with NaBH

4. Describe each step of the mechanism with your own words.

 5. Determine which atoms were reduced and which were oxidized (assign oxidation states in each case) in the conversion from benzol to hydro benzoin.

 6. What reagent(s) can be used to oxidize hydro benzoin to benzol?