Provide an explanation of any break or interruption in your education of a semester or longer. Examples include sitting out for a semester or longer during or between academic year(s), completing a gap year
Be sure to include information about what you have done or what you did during your time away from school.
My explanation is that I was mentally exhausted with my 24/7 routine and my academic life. The main focus of my International Relations course was economics and that was a far cry from the things I would like to pursue. Also, I always knew that to be outstanding in my career I would have to do what no one else does, even if it delays my academic life. I decided to emerge in a new culture and applied for an exchange program in 2017 to improve my English, but always with a focus on transferring my credits that I took in Brazil to finish my degree internationally in the USA. After 5 years I feel that I am ready after studying English and with more stability.