DESCRIPTION: Describe your term in YOUR words as if explaining it to your grandmother (don’t copy and paste from sources – describe the term in your own words now that you have conducted research on it). This description reflects YOUR understanding of the concept now that you are an expert on it and alternative ways of thinking about it.
SUGGESTED READINGS: List 3 full references you used to become an expert on the term that you think would be useful to others if they wanted to learn more about your concept.  These must be reputable sources (academic, government agencies, universities, non-profit organizations, and so forth).  If you are not sure about the legitimacy of your source – ask!
SCIENCE: Relate the concept to the study of stress.  Tell why it is important to our understanding of stress and/or stress effects.  Use your text, outside sources, and/or my lectures as sources for this statement (and include citations of course). This section should be well-cited and detailed. 
APPLY: Then, explain how understanding this topic can improve one’s quality of life, health, and/or well-being.  This will take some thought but make sure to apply your knowledge of the concept in some practical way.  This should be the most detailed response of Step 4.