Evaluate leadership practices that support organizational effectiveness.



You are a Senior HR Representative, and your task is to hire a new regional HR manager. You are responsible for conducting the interviews, and you want to know about the candidate’s experience and success as a leader.

 You want to know their leadership style and how effective they were in previous positions. You have concluded your interview and now must create a hiring report from the interview.



Select a leader you know from personal experience or one that you have researched to serve as your interviewed

 candidate. Evaluate the candidate for their leadership practices and how effective they were for their organization.

 Write a hiring report that includes the following:


Summarize your leader for your audience (avoid using the first person).

Describe their leadership style and how effective their motivational practices were for their organization.

Discuss their leadership strategies used in building and maintaining trust in leader-follower relationships.

Review any ethical leadership practices that contributed to overall organizational success.

Based on your research and analysis, what would be your recommendation for hiring this candidate?