This is the beginning requirements for my final project in my Intro to Psychology class.  



Purpose:  This “Part I” assignment is essential for successful completion of your Final Research and Reflection Project.  This step assures you’ve looked at your Final Paper options, chosen one, and begun work on it.  You will get a jump-start by drafting an outline as well as the first three paragraphs.  Your submission in this assignment also gives you the opportunity to receive instructor feedback to guide you as you complete your project.  Be sure to check for your instructor’s comments on your specific ideas.  Paying attention to their feedback, as well as the announcements, general reminders and suggestions for the class overall will likely earn you a better grade.

Check the  and the  pages for more information and help on how to complete each option.  You won’t be able to make a good grade on this paper without reading these pages and following the assignment instructions carefully.  Reading the instructions aloud may help you understand and remember them better. 


  1. Write an organization outline of your entire paper using the examples on the  page. This step will require looking closely at the Final Paper instructions and pages – be sure to think through and fill in the sample outlines, adding bullets or lines as needed.  These lines or bullets don’t have to be in full sentences, but it should be clear to your instructor what your stories are (if you’re writing the Music option), what theories you’re using (for either option) and the points you’ll be making.  You’re free to make changes later, but completing this step will help you see where you need to make those changes.  The more detailed your outline, the more feedback and guidance your instructor will be able to provide to make sure you’re on the right track.
  2. Write at least three paragraphs (your introductory paragraph and two more) of the  you’ve chosen.  You can either:
    • discuss your IAT results from Lesson 8, how accurate you think they are, and identify the theory or area (Biology of Behavior OR Learning) you’ll use to explain them, as well as write a couple paragraphs about cognitive dissonance criteria/lack thereof and strategies to reduce dissonance (check the Sample Outline on the  page), OR
    • for the Music Option, introduce your 3 songs/stories, as well as the different theories you’ll use to analyze them.  Then provide the 4-8 lines of lyrics from the first song, write about its story/significance, and draft an analysis of it.