The assignment discusses Psychology of Songwriting. Besides, there is also an analysis of Film and music. So, Briefly introduce the topic of the eventual essay you plan to write.

Psychology of Songwriting – Film and music analysis

Description Research and complete a 3000-word submission by critically discussing one of the following topics: Psychology of Songwriting. The 3000-word submission should comprise a 1000-word literature review, and 2000-word essay (Argument). It is a requirement to include a bibliography and provide in-text citations for quotations. Writing Frame: it recommended to review at least three pieces of academic literature away from provided texts – i.e. you need source the texts yourself.

Psychology of Songwriting – Film and music analysis

Literature review Introduction Briefly introduce the topic of the eventual essay you plan to write What type of literature you reviewing? The scope of your literature Literature review main body Made clear the name of the author/s, the title of the publication, and when it published? Given an indication of the kind of audience the material is intended for? (e.g. university students studying the subject, specialists or experts, general readers, or other) What the main arguments or points of the text?

Psychology of Songwriting – Film and music analysis

(This is the most important thing in your review.) Provided an idea of the academic discipline the reviewed text fits into (e.g. music analysis, film studies, music history, philosophy etc. etc.)? Discuss the texts usefulness to your particular research? Literature review conclusion Summarise your ideas (consider the links to your final essay) Summarise the important aspects of the existing body of literature. 2000-Word Essay

Detailed Instructions


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