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Hi! Please complete the following two assignments:

Assignment #1: Please write a transcript for a presentations for the following prompt. MUST BE LONG ENOUGH FOR A 5 MIN PRESENTATION.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was specifically designed to provide more Americans with healthcare coverage, to reduce medical costs, and to make health indicators more transparent. Data on the ACA shows that it has met those goals. Some believe that the ACA has been a resounding success, while others oppose the ACA (and seek to repeal the law, i.e., current efforts by House and Senate Republicans).

Review the following chart on the pros and cons of repealing ACA as a starting point:

Pros of Repealing Obamacare Cons of Repealing Obamacare
You don’t have to obtain insurance or pay a penalty fee. 1 in 2 Americans can be denied health care coverage or treatment because they had been sick in the past.
Less taxes on top 2%. No free or low-cost insurance for those making less than 400% of the Federal Poverty Level through the Health Insurance Marketplace.
Businesses with over 50 full-time employees don’t have to insure full-timers. Businesses with less than 25 full-time employees won’t get tax breaks of up to 50% for the cost of their employees’ health insurance on Obamacare’s Health Insurance Marketplace. Today, almost half of America’s uninsured are small business owners, employees, or their departments.
No cuts to Medicare or Medicare Advantage Medicare goes unreformed and continues to bankrupt our country.
Tax payer dollars are not used to subsidize healthcare. Tens of millions of our nation’s poorest, including millions of children, go without health insurance. The majority of people without health insurance are poor working families.

Then, conduct independent research on both positions. Choose a position and respond to the following points in a 5-minute video presentation:

  1. Why is understanding our healthcare system relevant in Community Psychology?
  2. Identify some issues with the healthcare system, presently, in the US.
  3. Explain if you support or oppose repealing the ACA. Support your position. You must provide data (not included in chart) to support your position.
  4. Give me the oppositive viewpoint of number #3.


The eye-of-the-storm technique is an experiential, teaching technique heralded by Jane Elliot, and used to enlighten youngsters on the impact of overt racism and discrimination.

Micro-assaults are covert or subtle acts of discrimination that plague minority, dis-empowered or disenfranchised groups in our contemporary world.

Watch the following video on the Eye of the Storm technique. Then, reflect upon applying this pedagogical exercise to microaggressions.

Identify a current social cause (example: gender discrimination) and write a paper describing how you would implement an eye-of-the-storm teaching technique/demonstration to highlight micro-assaults plaguing a group.

Please identify the social cause (e.g., gender discrimination), the social group (e.g., women), the micro-assaults you want to expose your “class” to, and the strategy(-ies) you will use to induce the eye-of-the-storm technique (i.e., what will you do). Please be creative and concise.

Post must be complete sentences and thought out. Please separate your answers per section. Each section should be 150-250 words. Make sure to cite or give credit if you are referencing someone else’s work.

More specifically, please address the following points in your paper:

  1. Explain micro-aggressions/assaults/invalidations,
  2. Explain prejudice, discrimination, stereotype, and racism, as well as how these concepts specifically relate to modern prejudice (e.g., microaggressions
  3. Describe the social cause, the social group affected, and the micro-assaults you want to expose your class to; i.e., describe to whom and how you will do eye of the storm
  4. Describe strategies you will use to induce the eye-of-the-storm technique