The assignment talks about Psychology, Subjectivity and Power Essay. Also, there is an analysis of The ‘Mirror Stage’ concept. So, discuss this in light of issues raised on the module.

Psychology, Subjectivity and Power Essay – The ‘Mirror Stage’ concept Analysis

Description Question: Take an example of the film, TV programme, piece of journalism, photograph, novel etc. Firstly, discuss the way in which the truth about subjectivity is constructed in the work. Secondly, discuss this in light of issues raised on the module. Also, the essay needs to look at the work of michel foucault on power/knowledge. Subjectivity, truth, disciplinary power, normalisation, essentialism, phantasy.  (I’ll be able to provide more details once i have decided to order). The essay also requires me to also talk about my own subjectivity which i’ll let the writer know. – The essay needs to have an example of either a film, TV, journalism. I was thinking about using buffy the vampire slayer as alot of academic work has been done on it.

Psychology, Subjectivity and Power Essay – The ‘Mirror Stage’ concept Analysis

In this essay, I will take a post-structuralist approach to discuss how the ‘truth’ about subjectivity is constructed I will be looking at the work of Valerie Walkerdine. Nick Mansfield’s work on subjectivity, and lastly the work of Michel Foucault to examine the ‘truth’. I will be using ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ (Joss Whedon, 1997-2003). An American action, drama, and fantasy series. The series is based on a young woman Buffy Summers, who is destined to fight vampires and demons, tries to lead a normal life while also embracing her responsibilities as the Slayer. I will be analysing the character of Buffy and discuss her subjectification in relation to question.  The character of Buffy Summers is unique as it portrays two different identities.

Psychology, Subjectivity and Power Essay – The ‘Mirror Stage’ concept Analysis

The first is of the Slayer and the second is of a normal young woman who seems to adhere to the norms of society. Its imperative to know that the ‘truth’ in this concept is related to power. The ‘Mirror Stage’ is a concept in Jacques Lacan’s psychoanalytic theory. The first few months of the child’s life, which Freud refers to as the pre-Oedipal stage, the child has no sense of direction and does not see itself as a separate entity. The child forms a syncretic unity with the mother, and cannot distinguish between itself and its environment(Grosz, 1990: 34). The ‘mirror stage’ occurs between the age of 6 and 18 months, according to Lacan, this is when the child starts to recognise their own image in the mirror, and it also constitutes to the infant’s entry into the imaginary order. 

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