The assignment focuses on Public budgeting and taxation. Also, there is a description of different levels of government. So, you are encouraged to use outside resources for the exam questions.

Public budgeting and taxation-different levels of government


1.      Firstly,  Answers should two pages in length per question. Excluding references and title pages. Secondly, students  encouraged to use outside resources for the exam questions.  Also, all answers should meet acceptable standards of grammar and structure.  Additionally, please number each question response. I live in New York QUESTIONS. What factors need to be considered when a governing body authorizes a tax imposition or increase?

  Public budgeting and taxation-different levels of government

2.      Firstly, what factors need to considered when a government considers debt?  Secondly, how do the considerations change at the different levels of government? Why do governments utilize enterprise funds?  What type(s) of public services best-financed in this manner?   What services should not financed by enterprise funds? A country spends, raises, and regulates money in accordance with its values. In all, the federal government’s budget for 2016 was $3.8 trillion. This chapter has provided a brief overview of some of the budget’s key areas of expenditure, and thus some insight into modern American values. But these values are only part of the budgeting story.

  Public budgeting and taxation-different levels of government

Policymakers make considerable effort to ensure that long-term priorities are protected from the heat of the election cycle and short-term changes in public opinion. The decision to put some policymaking functions out of the reach of Congress also reflects economic philosophies about the best ways to grow, stimulate, and maintain the economy. The role of politics in drafting the annual budget is indeed large, but we should not underestimate the challenges elected officials face as a result of decisions made in the past.

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