The Assignment

Submit a 6- to 8-page (not including title page and references) scholarly paper using APA references and formatting.

Include section headers for each of the sections below:

Describe an emerging or expanded role for public health professionals in 2030 and beyond. Explain and support your choice with resources.

Propose an additional goal not found in Healthy People 2030 that should be added to the next Healthy People update (e.g., for 2040). Use supporting resources and data to defend your proposed goals.

Prioritize and explain future health systems, programs, and policies that might affect the future of public health.

Review your StrengthsFinder results and what you wrote in your Module 1 paper. 

Then, explain how your goals to support and promote the field of public health have changed as a result of what you have learned in this course and describe how you will use your personal strengths, skills, and knowledge as a scholar and practitioner to achieve those goals. 

(Be sure to go beyond what you wrote in your Module 1 paper to show your growth.)

Describe how your goals for the future will contribute to positive social change in your community.

Be sure to cite the resources you used within your assignment using APA format for in-text citation and include a reference list at the end of your paper.