The assignment discusses Public Health Obesity. Additionally, there is also a description of program and planning project. So, describe the target population affected.

Public Health Obesity – program and planning project

Description. Firstly, for your final project, review the feedback provided by your instructor and make revisions accordingly. Secondly, integrate the specified aspects from your previous assignments, as directed, to develop your final Program and Planning Project assignment. Also, use the guidelines below to provide a comprehensive overview of your proposed program. Additionally, the final paper should be 2,000-2,250 words, not counting your references and appendix. Firstly, introduce your proposed program. Include the vison and overreaching goal for the program. Discuss the objectives associated with this goal. Secondly, explain the public health issue. Thirdly, describe the target population affected. Fourthly, discuss the overall challenges and barriers that create health inequity for this population.

Public Health Obesity – program and planning project

Additionally, discuss the program model used for your program. Explain why this model is most suited for your target population and your proposed program. Use epidemiologic data (EBP) to support your proposed topic. 4.Indicate how the behavioral health theory supports implementation of the program. Discuss how these will be strategically applied throughout the steps of implementation. How will the theory ultimately assist in reaching the programmatic goal? Provide evidence to support your claims. 5.Describe the necessary stakeholders that need to be involved in order for the implementation of this program to be successful. Propose strategies, including approaches to communication, to develop community coalitions and engage stakeholders.

Public Health Obesity – program and planning project

6.Based on your work plan, discuss program strategies and summarize the steps or activities associated with each. 7.Provide your revised program budget, budget proposal, and justification to support your outlined intervention. Attach your itemized budget in the appendix. 8.Describe the outcome and process evaluations used to measure the success of the intervention. Include specific indicators and data collection or measurement tools. You required to cite to eight to 10 sources to complete this assignment. Sources must published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and public health content. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

Detailed Instructions


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