For your first major speech you need to conduct research on a field you are interested in pursuing for a career. In your research you should find 2-3 organizations/companies that operate within that field as well as research a particular job you would like within that field.  Your speech should include the following:

  • An introduction which includes
    • an attention-getter 
    • a preview of your main ideas 
  • A body which includes 
    • 3 main ideas*
    • supporting points related to your main ideas
      • proper citation of sources
  • A conclusion which includes
    • a summary of your main ideas
    • brief concluding remarks 


*Your main ideas should be centered around the following themes:

  • Explaining why you have an interest in this field.
  • Telling us about organizations/companies in that field.
  • Explaining how you feel you can make a contribution to society by working in this field.


  • Make sure your speech is well organized with clear main ideas and good

supporting material. 

  • Supporting material should include the citation of 2-3 sources
    • Sources should highlight key aspects of the field and/or the organizations/companies you are discussing
  • Your speech needs to be 4-6 minutes in length. 
  • You need to have a formal speech outline to submit on Blackboard as well as a speech outline for yourself.  See guidelines for outlining (Chapter 8). 

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