A 5 page paper about the legal environment of that particular business. The paper must be a minimum of 5 double spaced pages. The page requirement does not include your reference section. Need a reference/citation page.

A summary of the goals of the company
What industry they are in
What does that industry offer to customers and society?
What is the size of that industry?
Who the other major players are in that industry
What market share they hold
Who are the leaders in the company? What is their background?

A summary of the competitive environment
What efforts they are making to raise or lower switching costs, make better partnership agreements etc.
The differences between competing products
What core values and competitive advantages separate your company from others
Long term and short term goals
Are they clearly defined
Do the company strategies line up with these

Describe the information management in the company
Do they outsource at all? Develop technology in house?
Who makes decisions regarding IT projects?
Do they have preferred vendors with exclusive agreements?
What technology did they use?
What role does IT play in the company success?

Describe at least one major transition or strategic decision they have made
What brought about the change?
Why did they decide the alternative they selected?
How successful has this been?
Where would this fit on the strategic grid?

The financial and management status of the company
Is the company growing?
The business model they use
The organization structure they use
Who makes what decisions?
Is the proportion of money from different products changing?
How about return on investment? Profit margin? Other financial measures of interest

Projections for the future
What changes do you foresee in the industry
Are there opportunities for new products to emerge?
How dependent are they on external conditions – policy, economic, partners etc.

Discuss at least one lawsuit your company has been involved in, either as Plaintiff or Defendant
Where the facts
What was the Issue
What was the Rule of Law
What was the courts Analysis
What was the conclusion?