The assignment focuses on Quasirationality in Decision-making. Additionally, there is a description of  Contemporary Issues in Psychology. So, Deal with any misconceptions regarding the concept.

Quasirationality in Decision-making – Contemporary Issues in Psychology

Firstly, develop an eye-catching four-page leaflet aimed at the general public that introduces them to the concept of quasirationality in decision-making. The leaflet should: Secondly, define the concept of quasirationality. Thirdly, deal with any misconceptions regarding the concept. Fourthly, provide examples of important decisions that are best made using quasirationality (as opposed to intuition or analysis alone). Also, identify research questions that psychological scientists still need to answer about quasirationality.

 Assessment – Design a pamphlet for understanding of Quasirationality.

Quasirationality in Decision-making – Contemporary Issues in Psychology

Suggested format

Firstly, newsletter style (A4 size) using Word online formats (see ‘new file’ in Word, choose ‘Newsletter’ for choice of formats. Secondly, choose a format that is eye catching. Also, the aim is to produce a leaflet that people will want to read further. Additionally, the title should be clear. Some suggested readings: Dhami, M. K., Belton, I., & Goodman-Delahunty, J. (2015). Quasi-rational models of sentencing. Journal of Applied Research on Memory and Cognition, 4, 239-247.

Dhami, M. K., & Thomson, M. (2012). Also, on the relevance of cognitive continuum theory for understanding management judgment and decision making. European Management Journal, 30, 316-326.

Hammond, K. R. (2010). Intuition, no! . . . quasirationality, yes! Psychological inquiry, 21, 327–337.

Mosier, K. (2009). Finally, searching for coherence in a correspondence world. Judgment and Decision Making, 4, 154-163.

Detailed Instructions


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