Question 1 in this assignment involves a standard case analysis. You may carry out your analysis manually or use the software of your choice (e.g., Excel, Microsoft Project, or any other). However you must complete Question 1 before downloading the file “Singer 0.mpp” from Canvas. Questions 2–4 are designed to give you hands-on experience on resource leveling using Microsoft Project. Questions 1. Generate all the components that Mike Richards has to include in his plan to be submitted to the executive committee (they are listed at the bottom of page 3 in the case). You must complete this question before downloading the file “Singer 0.mpp” from Canvas (see below). 2. Upon completion of Question 1, download the file “Singer 0.mpp” from “Documents/Session 3.” Open the file in Microsoft Project and save it as “Singer 1.” The file contains the data for the project, namely the activities with durations and dependencies, and the resources and their allocation. The following data are still missing: • The dependency between activities P and Q does not yet reflect the possible overlap between them • Cost of Material & Other Direct Charges (fixed costs) • Corporate Purchasing data (over