Reaction Paper: Discuss the concept of conflict.

For this reaction paper you will discuss the concept of conflict. You are required to have 6 interpersonal communication concepts throughout your paper (direct quotes with page number). You must have concepts from chapter 8 because you are dealing with conflict; you can also use concepts from any of the other chapters in addition to chapter 8, for example chapters 9, 10, 11, and 12 discuss relationships (understanding relationships, managing relationships and types of relationships). Requirements: You will first describe a recent conflict in which you were involved. Describe both the conflict and the result (a situation where the result of the conflict was not the most effective). Only pick 1 conflict to work with, not a variety of conflicts. Pulling from the information in chapter 8, your goal for the second part is to discuss how you could have handled the conflict differently, with a more effective outcome for all, if you could go back and rewind the clock. In other words, rework the conflict using a collaborative, ‘win-win’ framework as discussed on pages 235 -236 in text. When managing the problem you want to: Separate the People from the Problem, Focus on Shared Interests, Generate Many Options to Solve the Problem, and Base Decisions on Objective Criteria (look for explanations of each on pages 235-236). The objective is to achieve a ‘win-win’ outcome, if you had the opportunity to re-work the original conflict. To do so you must address each of the 4-steps above and write what you should have done. You are required to write a 3-5 page paper. The three page minimum means 3 full, double-spaced pages and anything short will result in a minimum 10pt. deduction from your grade. Use Times New Roman font in size 12. You will not lose points for exceeding 5 pages. You will be graded on grammar. Excessive grammar errors and typos will have a negative impact on your grade. You will incorporate at least 6 interpersonal communication terms using direct quotes, with page number from text. You will submit your paper through TurnItin to provide a higher opportunity for success. TurnItin is a valuable tool for both the student and instructor. You do not have to download anything for Turnitin. The settings have already been activated. You just submit the paper. When submitting documents for grading, make sure you submit your work in one of the following file formats: .RTF or .DOC or .DOCX – if not, the TurnItIn Originality Report may not generate and the instructor will be unable to open and grade your work. Late points may be deducted if you submit the wrong file format. In order to get the best results your paper should 1) be submitted to the Assignment tool early enough to receive and review the TurnItIn Originality & GradeMark Report 2) be revised (if necessary) based on the TurnItIn Originality & GradeMark Report results. To review your writing errors, please access your submission’s Originality Report by clicking on the colored percent bar and then clicking on the GradeMark tab located in the upper left area of the TurnItIn window 3) be submitted to the Assignment tool for final grading by the listed deadline.

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