Read “Making Fake Flakes” (238) and “Strategies for Explaining How Things Work: Process and Directions” (222-249

Prompt: In “Making Fake Flakes,” Emily Nelson writes about how to create snow on a television show. Choose a process of your own to describe in detail, and find five expert sources to support your points as you explain the process to your readers throughout your essay. These sources will provide credibility for your directions and techniques or help readers understand why the process is important. For example, you could explain a process at a job you have performed, a hobby you have perfected, a sport you play, or a task you do in college. Read “Making Fake Flakes” (238) and “Strategies for Explaining How Things Work: Process and Directions” (222-249) in the textbook to get started. The following are the basic guidelines for Essay 4: Your essay cannot be written in the first person (using “I”). Your essay cannot contain the second person (using “you” to talk to or about your reader or people in general). Your essay must include an introduction paragraph with a thesis statement at the end. Also, your essay must contain at least three body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph. Your essay must be written in MLA format. (See the example on page 301 in the handbook.) Your essay must include five articles that you find in the LCCC library’s databases or another credible source; any online source that is not from the library must be from a reputable news source or end in .gov, .org, or .edu; general online sources and anything from Wikipedia will not be accepted. Your essay must include one direct quotation and one paraphrase from each source to back up, relate to, or highlight your points in the body of your essay. It must include a Works Cited page entry for each of your five sources.

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