Learning Goal: I’m working on a management multi-part question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Learning Outcomes:

Ability to rise to ethical issues and challenges in the context of public management (LO 3.3).

Assignment Workload:

Assignments are to be submitted by each student individually.

Read the following sentences and answer the questions:

Assignment 1. Ethical decision-making is an integral part of the functioning of an organization. In the context of this statement discuss how the ethical decision-making style of leaders resolves organizational issues. (5 Marks)

Assignment 2. Resolving the ethical issues of the business improves the Business Performances and morale of the personal. In light of the above statement, give your opinion on how ethical issues affect the various functions of the organization. (5 Marks)

Assignment 3. Ethical standards are greatly affected by cultural factors. In light of the statement, give some suggestions to develop a standardized set of ethical standards for the industry. Do you believe that it is impossible to develop a standardized set of ethical standards for improving the industry, or do you feel that cultural differences make universal ethical standards impractical and/or impossible? (5 Marks)