Reduced Staffing in Assisted Livings  


I. Keeping up with Research findings to apply Evidence Based Practice  

A. Importance of research in healthcare  

B. Patient centered clinical practice  

C. Improvement in Healthcare provider’s skills


II.Shortage of CNA’s and LPN’s involves big risks

A. Resident’s needs are unmet

B. Quality care is not provided

C. Patients are prone to Falls and pressure ulcers  


III. Nursing Faculty and Caregivers shortage impact on Patient Centered Care  

A. Burnout due to pandemic  

B. Decline in nursing school enrollments  

C. Nursing empowerment


IV .Solutions for Nurse shortages  

A .Task shifting- nurses can help nursing assistants when needed


B.  What barriers might you encounter as you plan your strategy?

C. Which nursing role is most appropriate in the solving of this clinical issue?

D. What are the advantages of having a more culturally diverse workforce in the solving of this clinical issue?