There are two parts to your final exam/reflection.

Part # 1:

At the beginning of the semester, you wrote an essay called "Why Teach?" (I have attached the file of the previous essay)  Reread what you wrote in that essay and then write a reflection discussing how your views of teaching have changed during this semester.

As you write, consider all that you have learned this semester.  You do not have to write on all of the topics, of course.  Think of the topics that influenced you the most and write about those. Regarding the length of your reflection, if you have responded to and elaborated on all criteria above, your paper will be long enough. Write to show what you know now and write from your heart to elaborate on how your views of teaching have changed since the beginning of the semester. 

Click here to recall many of those topics we covered in-depth or in part: What We Learned This Semester

Part #2:

Watch the following You Tube video from Grey’s Anatomy in which the doctors recite The Physician’s Oath.

Compose your best version of a new oath…The Teacher’s Oath. Let me know by what you include in this oath what you think are the most important things that teachers must always remember ethically and otherwise when they become teachers.