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**Please review the Reflection Grading Rubric for specifics on how this assignment will be graded**

1. The readings, web pages, stories, and videos on Alzheimer’s are powerful and many students have personal or clinical experiences with someone who has Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. 

Please use this reflection to explore how your perception or understanding of Alzheimer’s disease/dementia has changed or been influenced by this weeks learning assignments and how will it impact your nursing practice? 

Do you see any correlation between caregiving and abuse/neglect? 

(total of 250-300 words) (make sure to cite the reading/video material so I know what has helped shape your thinking)

2. Please list the five most important points from this weeks learning activities (readings, videos, etc…). (A few words for each, no more than one sentence. (no word count and you do not need to cite any of the readings/videos)

Grading Criteria

1) Quality of content

Reflection directly addresses the posted reflection topic or question, is concise, well written, and logical. Reflection is introspective and does not simply repeat what was presented in the text or online learning activity. 
2) Length / word count
Meets the required posting length.
3) References
Provides appropriate reference (e.g., author, title of learning activity, time reference for videos or podcasts, or web page url) to the required reading/learning activities. Please include page number (readings) or time-stamp (videos) of reference and use multiple references to support your reflection.
4) Link to clinical or personal experience
Provides a link to personal or clinical experience relevant to the topic or question asked.