Description: This course complements an internship opportunity outside University. 

The course provides a framework for understanding the relationship between academic studies, pre-professional development, and work experiences. The course emphasizes the link between academic and career goals. 
Objectives: Upon completion of this paper the successful learner will be able to: 1. Reflect on the meaning of a liberal arts education and align elements of the liberal arts major with transferable competencies needed in the workplace. 2. Reflect on ones personal career aspirations, values, and mindsets in response to the course readings and the internship experience. 3. Understand different perspectives (intellectual, philosophical, historical) on the meaning of work. 4. Observe and participate in the professional work environment, understanding the importance of communication, teamwork, and individual responsibility. 
This paper is meant for economics majors and students with an internship related to economics. 
Assignment: Write one paper (5page max) based specifically on the work experience by researching the company (DISCUSS), the role in the company (DISCUSS) and the same role in different companies. Talk about expectations of role and how it was different after researching. Incorporate the 3-7 additional readings that you have chosen (choose books from famous business authors who talk about objectives given above and quote them).