The Darwin Project, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 charity organization created in 2008 in Cambridge, Massachusetts by Jonathan Haar and Linda Mongelli Haar. The Darwin Project began in 2003, when the two of the rounding up friends and colleagues to conduct community-based humanitarian initiatives as an expression of their social involvement. In addition to their core purpose of direct, hands-on social engagement, the Darwin Project is also awarding seed financing awards to promising projects that promote their mission. The Darwin Project provides funds to relatively small current nonprofit efforts that will act as catalysts to drive their programs ahead to the next step of success.

The Darwin project’s primary goal is to construct a surgical facility in Cameroon to aid underprivileged and less-fortunate individuals in enhancing their quality of life. In the following report, the Darwin project team identified a few strategic plans aimed at generating actionable strategies to obtain the necessary financial support for the project. Furthermore,

Traditional fundraising encourages relationship-building, however online fundraising allows us to easily spread the word about our cause and reach individuals all over the world. Our first recommendation is that “The Darwin Project” may benefit from using GoFundMe online platform to raise funds for their mission and to inspire peer to peer fundraising among their supporters.

Corporate giving provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for Nonprofits and their fundraising initiatives. Our second recommendation is that “the Darwin project” may benefit from utilizing corporate contributions to increase revenue and establish strong partnerships.

The secondary goal of the Darwin plan is to investigate the supply chain processes of several hospitals in Cameroon, and Malawi. The project team contacted a few hospitals in Cameroon and the United States to learn more about their supply chain processes. In-depth insights are provided in the report’s latter part.

The initial purpose for the existence of the Darwin project is to aid the improvement of people’s quality of life and even animals through exhibiting or exercising acts of kindness that can have an impact on the families, community, and individual. The common believe is the wellbeing and health of humans and animals and the natural environment are intertwined in various aspects. The Darwin project developed its interest in Global surgery due to various public health issues and different experiences from an individual that sustained serious bone fractures (Robbins, 2020). The project targets at supporting individuals and organizations that exhibit interest in being change instruments both locally or internationally. The surgical project targets at the need to constantly come better through the introduction of significant changes that are likely to shape the community and the world.

The core purpose of the Darwin project is to come up with a surgical building in Cameroon that serves the purpose of assisting the disadvantaged and less-fortunate individuals in improving their quality of life. The project aims at satisfying the mission of the organization where leaders in countries such as Malawi and Cameroon have resorted on funding themselves for purposes of developing a decent standard for trauma surgery. The leaders involved in the project have been seeking favorable strategic programs for purposes of identifying and securing funding necessary for supporting hospital operations that are been constructed in Africa (Cullhaj & Gutierrez, 2020). The focus of the members of the project group in the academic project is to focus on market study, supply chain research and various strategic plans that target at developing actionable strategies key in engagement with the identified companies and industries to gain the required monetary support for the project.