In this reflective writing , I would like to agree or  & explain why ? And used examples in our day to day to respond to this reflective writing .  

You can cited a source if needed but it is not recommended 

Reflective writing about:

Advertising is only second to funding in importance of a functional program.  If people do not know about resources that are available to them, they will never be able to utilize them.  Taking information directly to those in need is one way of initiating interest in the program, another way is through public outcry.

Social media has become one of the most prevalent forms of advertising of all media outlets.  Social ad spending has steadily been increasing over the last decade, as advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have shown more success than prime television advertising.  In April on 2021, there were 4.3 billion persons using social media, which is 55.1% of the global population. (Wright, 2021).  This large audience also contributes funds to charities online and participates in information sharing, poles, and go fund me exercises.  This would be a great marketing strategy to get information out about the Los Angeles Homeless Primary Prevention Program.  It would also be a good place to ask for public/private donations to the cause.  If and when the program is able to go national, the increases in contributions from the site specific community would have exponential impact.

The four Ps refer to product, price, place, and promotion.  In my program, the Los Angeles Homeless Primary Prevention Program, the consumer cost is only through taxes already being paid into the general California pool, the place is obviously Los Angeles, the product is preventing homelessness and removing persons from the streets and playing them in permanent housing.  The big thing is the promotion and getting public support through advertising of the program on social media, posting pictures of the initial clean up and the success from the start, and showing the difference the program makes to overall safety and cleanliness of the streets of Los Angeles.  Homelessness has gotten to a point in Los Angeles that you can not go more than a few miles without seeing vagrants or the debris of homeless encampments.  Bringing the resources and public support to clean this up and place those persons in permanent housing is not only a benefit for the homeless, it is also an improvement for all residents and visitors of Los Angeles.


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