This assignment talks about Regulations Concerning Labor Relations. There is also a discussion on Human Resource Management. Therefore, by interviewing a consultant, you gain understanding of the process consultants may take in this discovery strategy.

Regulations Concerning Labor Relations – Human Resource Management

Topic: Interview a Consultant

Paper details:

Interviews are an effective strategy for consultants to discover the root of an issue. Additionally, to build relationships with clients and those interested and impacted by a change, and to begin to develop solutions to issues. By interviewing a consultant, you gain understanding of the process consultants may take in this discovery strategy. Moreover, you get to learn what consulting really “looks like” for most consultants. Thus, creating an extensive network is essential for any consultant and a great way to engage with your network is through five-minute favors. Five Minute Favors are outlined in both the course text, Give and Take and the On Being podcast in Week 1. Five Minute Favors are things you should be willing to do for anyone that take five or less minutes of your time. Also, another way to develop an extensive network is to utilize the connection made for your interview.

Regulations Concerning Labor Relations – Human Resource Management

What is one step you will take to develop the relationship with the interviewee so that you might create a ‘giving’ situation? Grading Expectations. Interview an individual employed primarily to provide HR consulting services to clients, externally or internally to his/her own organizational unit. Again, all students must list the 10 questions they asked their interviewee. Likewise, I would like you to take at least two questions that were contributed by your classmates in Week 3.

Submit a summary of the results of the interview with an external or internal HR consultant. Length of the paper is flexible and is contingent upon the length required to adequately present the content of the interview. Grading criteria will include a clear, concise yet comprehensive summary of the interview content (i.e., listing of each interview question followed by a summary of the response; interviewer comments as appropriate to better understand the consultant’s response), formatting, organization, grammar, and spelling. A word-for-word transcription of the interview is not expected. Limited quotations may be cited to capture and emphasize key points. Please utilize Turabian and UCOL style guidelines.

Regulations Concerning Labor Relations – Human Resource Management

Interview question: First, did you ever design training sessions for employees, how do you ensure a collaborate role while offering the training to the company? Secondly, what employee type do you find most challenging to give out advice? Thirdly, here is a short case of a consultant. What advice can you offer? 4. At the time giving out advice, how would you ensure the firm’s culture is maintained, and the employee welfare is protected during this process? 5. Imagine an employee asking you advice on the area not familiar.

How will you reply to the employee? 6. What can you do with your experience to improve low morale in employees during the process? How is this process different while being an internal and external consultant? 7. How close to you follow the current regulations concerning labor while giving out advice? 8. What background information do you gather before giving out a proposal?

Regulations Concerning Labor Relations – Human Resource Management

9. What metrics do you consider first for a proposal when facing a challenging situation? 10. Have you ever regretted making the wrong decision or advice? What did you learn from it? 11. Have you ever faced an ethical dilemma at duty? What solution did you take? how they have to balance their morality and the organization that they have to assist. How many times have HR consultants dealt with sexual harassment or discrimination? What must they assess and review? (Sariah Baker) 12. Tell me about the best achievement as an HR Consultant? 13. What were your deciding factors for choosing whether to be an internal or external HR consultant? Finally, do you ever consider switching and why?(Christina).

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