Regulatory Environment

You are the head of a strategy unit for a major supermarket in the United
Kingdom. The past three years have seen unprecedented uncertainty regarding
the UK’s departure from the European Union (Brexit). Evidently, there have
been a range of possible outcomes, each with a range of important regulatory
impacts. Your company needs to ensure a sustainable supply chain of fresh
food from Europe (Spain, France, Italy) and clothing and electronics goods from
central and Eastern Europe. Outline a strategy brief for your unit that examines
a) the context of the Brexit situation, how it developed and affected the British
supermarkets, b) the possible solutions to issues from the Brexit and the
ongoing legal implications of trading, ranging from the consequences of
cancellation of Brexit up to a no-deal WTO-terms Brexit and c) assess various
business strategies tackling the problems of Brexit and what is the most
desirable strategy for your company, and what is the most likely outcome from
implementation of these strategies.


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