This assignment focuses on Parasocial relationship analysis. So, give an example of a parasocial relationship–include your own experience or a real-life example.

Parasocial relationship analysis

Parasocial relationship

.. Write a 2 to 3 page paper in APA format (title page, header, and properly cited sources) answering the following prompts. Please use at least 3 credible (legitimate news or educational sites…no blogs or open source sites) or scholarly sources in the paper. Please keep in mind that the sample paper is only for APA formatting.

Parasocial relationship analysis

The paper should have a title page, correct headings, and sources cited correctly in the text and in a references section. All content requirements are in the prompts.  Most adolescents (61.1%) thought of their favorite media figures as relationship partners, and those who did reported more parasocial involvement and emotional intensity than those who did not. The title page and references section do NOT count as written work.

Parasocial relationship analysis

Firstly, define the term parasocial relationship;  Give an example of a parasocial relationship. Secondly, include your own experience or a real-life example (eg: fandom networks, friends who are really into specific characters/celebrities, etc.). Thirdly, What do you think about this concept?.  Why do you think you or other people form parasocial relationships? Also, use the articles and sources provided to you in Module 9 to get started with this question. Back up your claims with sources.

Detailed Instructions


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