– Methodology to be fixed based on the results

 – Conclusion to be re-written on these results (Add to the 3 pages i already have in the paper i uploaded “Updated Positive Relationship”) – Delete the test results in the current paper and use my test results in latest uploaded paper called “Updated Positive Relationship” 

– Fix introduction as mentioned earlier to 10 or 12 pages as it was before (was reduced to 4 from your side) and make it about the topic in general or reduce the literature review in it (you can paraphrase in it and remove literature)

 – Average consumer price index was used as a proxy for inflation. 

– Mention analysis on beta values that 1% increase in public debt leads to an x increase with inflation and across all variables. -Please let writer mention average consumer prices used as a proxy for inflation Average consumer price index


 Original instructions: Amendments needed: Multiple regression to be re-done by assigning dummy variables for oil and non-oil producing countries using STATA (ONLY STATA) as well as provide a detailed explanation and stata log of how the model and dummy variables were done. Amend conclusion and paper on results as well as all the comments below. Conduct a cycle of proofreading as this is needed; revise parts of the conclusion (any author should not question his findings; rather, seeks explanations); divide the sample into two sub-samples: one for oil producing and the other for the remaining countries, this may provide further insight into the findings; thus, it is strongly recommended that the author compares the results based on such an attempt; it would be helpful to scan the literature on the topic based on any similar study conducted for any country(s) in the region because the current study lacks this in the literature. I understand that the study focuses on the MENA as a group, but enrichin​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‍‍​g the literature with some regional individual country would bring the reader closer to previous empirical work related to the region. Proofreading; the thesis can be improved even further by conducting this. Just to mention a few examples.

 1) Minimize the use of “various” when referring to “different” or “number of”; 

2) On page 24 line 6; the word “this” should be after the word “about”; 

3) On page 42 line 2, no need for “His paper, peer reviewed …. Research”, the reference is available in the list of references; 

4) On page 16, there is “?”; I believe it should be “.”; 

5) The use of “,” and “;” should be revisited throughout the document. 

It may be feasible to reduce the introduction; it is a bit too long. Consider moving some of the Methodology (pages 33-36) to the literature review, and title the heading of chapter 3 to be Methodology. It is not good style to have a subsection right after a main heading without some text separating them; thus, I would recommend the author to delete the heading “introduction” which is right after the main heading of every the chapters; however keep the text, just delete the word “Introduction”. Consider deleting the first paragraph in chapter one. Add a figure on page 23 to show what “This” refers to on line 4. Here the author claims “Similar across all the countries in the region”.

– As mentioned above, exact explanation given to how the regression was done step by step with stata log added – Tables to be provided similar to the tables listed at end of thesis as well as file called stata images& table form examples. – Whatever was added to be highlighted in yellow so I know the changes – Whatever was removed to be placed in a word document on its own and highlighte​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‍‍​d in red.

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