This assignment is about Abortion and Natural Law Theory. There is also a review on Relativism And Objectivism. Therefore, develop an essay on developed view of the pro-abortion side.

Abortion and Natural Law Theory – Relativism And Objectivism Review


Develop an essay to include the following:
A developed view of the pro-abortion side. Does this side adhere more to relativism or objectivism?
A developed view of the pro-life side. Does this side adhere more to relativism or objectivism?
Which view would the Natural Law theory apply to and why?
Sources must be within the last five yearsLinks:


Natural Law

The rhetoric on abortion continues to embattle and confuse “pro-choice” and “pro-life”, ” liberals” and “conservatives” alike. Many “liberals” complain that it is irrational and brutal to expect a woman to die so that her unborn child may live. Abortion should be permitted basically on demand, certainly in cases where the health and life of the woman are at risk, and even in cases of incest or rape. Besides, they remind us, it is legal. In contrast, many “conservatives” argue that abortion can never be rationalized or permitted, as it is fundamentally immoral to kill an unborn child who is an innocent human being, no matter what the circumstances or the law – regardless of the woman’s health, life, incest or rape.

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