Remote Control Security Systems (RCSS)

For this assignment, write a report on the topic of Remote Control Security Systems (RCSS). Include the following information in your report: Discuss the current issues regarding security system technology. Identify three remote control system products. Describe the flowchart analysis of a remote security system. Your report should be 8-10 pages. Use Microsoft Word to write your paper. Cite your sources using the APA style guide. Discuss your analysis of your research and be sure to provide your conclusions. Your report should incorporate a minimum of two credible sources. Include a flowchart analysis of the system. It is expected that your writing will be clear and concise and free of spelling and grammar errors.

Quick Response

Examples of the Remote-Control Security Systems products include Vivint known as the best home automation, ADT known as for its reputation, and Brinks known for its value. One of the major problems associated with remote control security systems includes the total cost of ownership. The hardware is expensive in most cases(Collins, et al., 2015). This makes it difficult for the products to be embraced widely. Another possible issue revolves around the lack of guarantee of threat prevention. The remote-control system only alerts the security company in the event of a security breach. For instance, surveillance cameras only record the events taking place. However, they help in engaging quick response and identifying sources of threats especially in the case of robbery…

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