1. Explore http://finance.yahoo.com,  get access to the financial page of company Caterpillar (put into search box either the stock symbol CAT, or the company name Caterpillar), and then choose from the company’s menu ==> “Financials”  ==>  “Income Statement” ==> “Quarterly (as of 12/31/2020 – 09/30/2021).  Use the data amounts provided by those quarterly financial statements to compute CAT’s Operating Cash Flow amounts for EACH of those past 4 quarters individuallyBased on your calculated amounts, is there a trend for CAT’s most recent OCFs to improve, stabilize, or deteriorate quarter-by-quarter during the past 4 quarters?


(Hint: By the textbook formula, OCF = EBIT + Depreciation – Taxes.  Such items and corresponding amounts (all in $ thousands) are listed in Income Statement, where “EBIT” represents EBIT, “Reconciled Depreciation” represents Depreciation, and “Tax Provision” represents Taxes, respectively.


Direct link for CAT’s periodical financial statements: https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/CAT/financials?p=CAT (Links to an external site.) (then make sure to choose “quarterly” instead of “annual”).


  1. Part C, Understand what kind of working ethics a chartered financial analyst (CFA) should learn before sitting for the CFA exam:


Please click the below link to watch 3 of the video clips in the list (#4, 5, 6), and write a brief sentence (15~30 words) of your understanding comments for each of those video clips that you have watched.


Video 4: https://cfainstitute.gallery.video/cfaethics/detail/videos/all-videos/video/5759467240001/standard-i-c-:-misrepresentation?autoStart=true


Video 5: https://cfainstitute.gallery.video/cfaethics/detail/videos/all-videos/video/5770791632001/standard-i-d-:-misconduct?autoStart=true


Video 6: https://cfainstitute.gallery.video/cfaethics/detail/videos/all-videos/video/5770791335001/standard-ii-a-:-material-non-public-information?autoStart=true