Research Methodology

According to a nationalreport, the juvenile offender population has been dropped over time. Somestudies highlighted, however, issues of an increasing juvenile offenderpopulation as relative to adult criminal offending population continue to be ofconcern. Evidence also indicated that the seriousness of crime and deliqneucnyhas increased, while an average age of juvenile offenders has decreased.Juvenils who engage in serious criminal or delinquent behaviors early in theirage are at a high risk for subsequent and more serious offending behavior.Further, juvenile delinquency and crime are associated with numerous negativeconsequences, such as social costs, academic failure, and criminal careercontinuity. In the past decades, numerous studies have contributed to a betterunderstanding of the predictors of deviant and criminal behaviors of juveniles.You are asked to construct a proposal that examines risk predictors of either(a) violence or (b) substance abuse among juveniles. Inparticular, you are charged with designing the methodology for the proposal.Keep in mind that it is nearly impossible to identify all the potential causes.Your proposal should provide details, explain your choices, and justify eachdecision. The proposal should consist of the following details. An outline fora quantitative study appears below

Criminology, Homicide Studies, etc.). *PLEASE REVIEW WORD DOCUMENT FOR DETAILS*