Research on SuZhouPingTan’s development and changes.

Analysis of these songs: butterfly love flower(蝶恋花), jasmine flower(茉莉花), landscape Chinese beauty(山水中国美)know whether know whether(知否知否) and gao bowen’s playing style, analysis of these music in language, playing instruments, performance style, audience, melody and so on.foucus on the changes and innovate.everything is not from you should mark in the essay(with author name and year).the reference should at the end of the essay

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The song Butterfly love flower highlights an expression of a highly pessimistic view of love. Pessimism, in this case, arises due to the differences in opinions and external factors such as racism and power imbalances existing in society. The second song ‘Jasmine Flower’ explores a beautiful flower that is attractive but fear arises generating fear for the person wishing to pluck the flower. This song also illustrates how opinions and aspects such as discrimination arise and influence society and their decisions to fulfil their happiness (Matravers, 2001). The other song ‘Know whether to know whether’ demonstrates how people mistake someone or a scenario based on the common perspectives without giving meaning to in-depth analysis. The audience targeted…

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