The goal of your third major writing project is to combineall the skills that you have been developing so far in this course in order totake up a position about a topic, analyze information and claims, produce aninformed argument supported by evidence, and practice presenting your work.


You want to do more in this assignment than make a pro/conargument about something you already feel certain about. Use this assignment tolearn something new and stretch your understanding.


For your project you willneed to:

      Select, narrow, and focus a topic.

      Locate, evaluate and use relevant sourcematerials.

      Build on your skills in summary, analysis, andsynthesis.

      Present your own position in a credible, well-supportedargument.

      Apply rhetorical concepts to the analysis oftexts and to your own drafts.

      Practice appropriately citing sources andcompiling an accurate Works Cited page in MLA style