Select a company that is publicly traded in the United States. You might want to choose a Fortune 500 company, because it is typically easy to get information on those organizations.
Research the top management of your organization and gather details about the strategies that have been used to advance the organization. Specifically, include information about the following elements:
Mission and vision
Values and ethics
Organization structure and culture
Leadership style
Overall measurements of success for the company (stock prices, net worth, etc.)
Include answers to the following questions about the organization:
Who is/are the top leader(s) (CEO, CFO, etc.) of the company? What were the circumstances that brought them to their positions?
What are some of the issues these leaders faced as they grew in their careers?
What are the company’s major strengths?
In what ways did planning, organizing, leading, and controlling lead to the company’s success (or failure)?
What was the most important action that led to that success (or failure)?
What types of challenges do you anticipate this company facing in the next five years?
Based on your research, what conclusions can you make about the company’s management style?