Research Paragraphs

ARTISTS TO CHOOSE FROM: Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, Gustave Eiffel, Dale Chihuly, David Shrigley


Research Paragraphs: Each Module will include web research. You will be given a list of 5 artists to choose from. Use your web browser to search for the artists and be familiar with them. Select your favorite and, in your own words, write a two-paragraph response to the artist’s work in MLA format. Do not cut and paste from websites. (Wikipedia cannot be used as a source).

In the first paragraph: select a single artwork by the artist you chose that interests you, and then tell the reader some basic information such as; what is the title of the piece? When was it made (the year)? What are the medium(s) used? Is it a drawing (charcoal or graphite or ink and brush etc.)? Is it a painting (oil or acrylic or fresco etc.)? Is it a sculpture (marble or wood or plastic etc.)? Is it a photograph (digital or gelatin silver print or black and white or color etc.)? What is the size of the artwork? It is (height x width) for 2-D, (height x width x depth) for 3-D. Please convert metric into inches. Then describe the artwork you have chosen so the person reading your article can visualize what you are talking about. Start to incorporate more of the visual vocabulary you will be learning in the first six chapters of the textbook. Utilize only the Visual Elements and Principles of Design that correspond with your art piece.

The second paragraph should contain an explanation of your opinion about the art piece you have selected (positive or negative).

Do not make your Research Paragraph into a Wikipedia entry. I am not interested in the artist’s life or an overview of their artistic career.