Presenting new information technology (less than 5 years old), implementation and impact of this technology. You may use the technology that is mentioned in the textbook. However, extended scopes beyond materials in the textbook is required.


b. Analyze problems of technology that the company implements.


c. Develop a case study by presenting the challenges of a specific company and then provide recommendations and implementation of technology that will help the company overcome its challenges.


d. Other topics that are relevant to the course.


After you specify the topic, you will provide 3-5 project purposes or questions. These are elements that you will have to present or answer in your presentation and final paper. Here is the example of this submission:


: Impact of Big Data on Healthcare


This project will answer the following questions:


• How to use Big Data in Healthcare? •


Why use Big Data Analytics in Healthcare?


What are the challenges of using Big Data in Healthcare?

What are examples for implementing Big Data in Healthcare?