Research Report using SPSS statistics software

You have to use SPSS statistics software and know how to analyze anova, t-tests: 1. Part 1 involves you employing four statistical procedures using the dataset. These tests should help illuminate something about the potential customers, something that will help your company tailor its products and better understand its clients. The four tests you must use are the following: 1) Descriptive statistics, 2) t-test, 3) ANOVA, and 4) correlation. It is your job to assess the data and to employ the correct test given the types of data you have been provided in the dataset. For example, you might report on a sex difference, and would need to select a t-test to complete that analysis; you would also need to say whether or not the sex difference was significant, using SPSS for this as well. Part 2: 2. Part 2 requires you to write up your results in a straightforward, easy-to-read manner (i.e., a report). Management has hired you to work through all the complicated statistics and analyses, and they just want to read a tight, well-written summary of who their potential customers are. You should make appropriate conclusions given your analyses from Part 1 and provide all the relevant numbers and results. You might also consider providing some charts and/or graphs to help augment your conclusions. This report should be 3 pages of double-spaced text exactly.

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