) Design a study to gauge public opinion
• Design Research Question
• (a) Develop two research question
• (b) Develop two hypotheses (Hi & H0)

(B) Determine a methodology
(a) List possible method
(b) Justifying the choice
© Describe targeted population in terms of participants.

(D)Why is it important to address?
(E)What stakeholders would care

(F)Background/Literature Review
List keywords and search terms to explore.
Add at least 20 current empirical references

(G) Meaningful Gap in Research Literature
(a) What researchable problem relates to the broader social problem?
(b) What might not have been researched about it? (Gap)

(H) Theories or Conceptual Framework
Add at least 20 current citations here and reference at the end

(I) Describe how you would go about collecting data
(J) Describe how you would go about disseminating results