This assignment focuses on Social and life skills of a Year 10 student . There is also an analysis of  Residential trips in schools. Additionally, positive relationships results in increased motivation for students to learn

Social and life skills : Residential trips in schools

Disso title: Do residential trips help develop the social and life skills of a Year 10 student?

What are social and life skills?

In secondary schools, teachers aim is to prepare their students for the future every day. This is done by enhancing students life skills or bringing life skills into their lives with classroom activities, outdoor learning and residential trips so they are able to use the skills developed daily.

What is residential trip?

According to an article “Residential trips have expanded massively during the past few years”, this is due to the fact a lot more schools allow students to take part in residentials with a 30% discounts if the school purchases dfferent packages depending on how many students would want to anticipate.

Social and life skills : Residential trips in schools

Life skills are split into different skills, some of which are basic life skills. These are

-communication ad interpersonal skills: According to (REF) this skill is ideally important for every student, this skill is needed to get on and work with other students, also students are able to communicate through verbal or with writing.

-decision-making and problem solving: This skill is required to understand problems which young adults need to face every day, they are also

Social and life skills : Residential trips in schools

-creative thinking and problem solving

YP: Disliked residential trips.

Harder Social Wise

If you don’t enjoy school- 1 week in a room where u might not like the person

Hands on learning- a lot better – sticks to your mind

Geohrohpy exam- Based on Residential Trips – Lake District- Abouts finding, Italy –

Schools Aid- Offer to Pay : £2000 spent

Schools pay for meals –

Clothing is a issue

Exam about residential – if you didn’t attend the residentials, you would have to use someone elses work which causes gender inequality.

Year 10

-Self awareness  and self control

NCS: When a student is at secondary school, they are not learning everything they need to know through school.  After speaking to a consultant in NCS, they explained how in five days and four nights , children learn

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