This assignment focuses on Pollution and COVID-19 Deaths in China. There is also a review between pollution and COVID-19 deaths.

Pollution and COVID-19 Deaths in China : review between pollution and COVID-19 deaths

Economic Growth, Pollution and COVID-19 Deaths in China


Paper details:

1) Introduction: present the problem of the relationship between economic growth. air pollution in China. Next, talk about the relationship between pollution and Covid-19 Deaths, with reference to China.So, to prevent the escalation of its transmission, China locked down one-third of its cities and strictly restricted personal mobility and economic activities. Using timely and comprehensive air quality data in China, we show that these counter- COVID-19 measures led to a remarkable improvement in air quality. Within weeks, the Air Quality Index and PM2.5 concentrations were brought down by 25%.

Review between pollution and COVID-19 deaths

The effects are larger in colder, richer, and more industrialized cities. So, We estimate that such improvement would avert 24,000 to 36,000 premature deaths from air pollution on a monthly basis. Besides, an expert on air pollution in China, Wang is also affiliated with UB’s Research and Education in eNergy, Environment and Water (RENEW) Institute. The authors defined the pre-quarantine period for China as Jan. 5-20, while the quarantine period extended from Feb. 10 through March 14.2) Literature Review: relationship between economic growth, pollution especially in China. Then, literature review between pollution and COVID-19 deaths

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