Rhetoric in Sports Film

Reel Baseball by Stephen Wood and David Pincus, ISBN 0-7864-1389-1 Understanding Movies by Louis Giannetti (available online in “Resources”) Stars. Stripes and Diamonds by Marshall Most and Robert Rudd, ISBN 0-7864-2518-0. approximately 2000-3000 words in length each are to be completed. Each essay includes readings from one, two or all three of the texts and screenings of one or more films. View these three films: Cannery Row (Nick Nolte), The Rookie (Dennis Quaid), and Hook (Robin Williams). The first part of the essay should describe when baseball is used in the film and how it is used (dialog, setting, character, etc.). Secondly, comment on the editing style of some of the specific scenes that condense time or speed up events: specifically use the scene from Cannery Row towards the end of the film where Doc is pitching into the sand, the scene from The Rookie where Jim is pitching at the speed sign, and the scene from Hook when the Pirates play the Pirates. Use screen shots to illustrate and support your analysis. Chapter 4, Understanding Movies is very informative concerning editing and should be used to define the editing points you are making in the essay. You should balance your essay 50/50 (approximately). No more than fifty percent description, fifty percent or maybe a bit more on the analysis of editing. Use headers as appropriate. In preparation for this assignment: read Reel 3 of Reel Baseball; read chapter 4 of Understanding Movies; chapter 10 of Stars, Stripes and Diamonds; screen the films listed above; draft your essay; edit your essay, submit your essay via Sakai’s “Assignments” under “Editing.” As always, a bibliography and filmography are expected. This is an essay you will want to illustrate some of your points with screen shots from the films

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Films apply rhetoric techniques as strategies for selling, entertaining, and informing the audience. In the film, the rhetoric of sports is used in visual as identified in the three films including Cannery Row, The Rookie, and Hook. The use of sport appeals to a specific audience through different uses of ethos, pathos, and logos(Nelmes, 2012). The movie The Rookie has used the establishing shot, which is meant to provide viewers with an idea of the location where the scene is taking place. In most cases, it involves taking the shot from a long distance, for instance, the use of a bird’s eye view.

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