Rhetorical Analysis

Essay #1 – Rhetorical Analysis

Our first essay assignment is to produce a rhetorical analysis of one of the assigned readings from Chapter 3.  You will need to apply the tools of rhetorical analysis discussed in class and covered in Chapter 2 to complete this essay (carefully review pp.31-50, specifically, for a detailed explanation about writing a rhetorical analysis).  Be sure to make frequent, specific references to the text you are analyzing.  Think of the audience for your text as everyone in the class—in other words your peers—so consider them as you shape your essay.  The Rhetorical Analysis should be about 4-6 double-spaced pages in length.Text book is  Global Issues, Local Arguments, Edited by June Johnson, Third Edition.

Rhetorical Analysis

Questions you should consider and explain with examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Did the author present a unique and interesting argument?
  • Were you impressed by the depth and breadth of the research presented, or by the analogies and examples used to make the points?
  • What choices did the author make in presenting information?
  • How effective was the whole package: ethos, logos, and pathos?
  • Was the tone and language effective for the situation and audience?
  • Would its intended audience (in your opinion) be inclined to agree, or be put off by the argument?

Basically, you must explain how this argument contributes to the public conversation on this issue.


Almost any of readings from Chapter 3 could be used for this analysis, including:


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