Specimen coursework assignment


Coursework submission rules and important notes

Before you start your assignment, it is essential that you familiarise yourself with the information

in the Coursework Support Centre.

Please note the following information:

• This assignment must not be provided to, or discussed with, any other person regardless of

whether they are another candidate or not. If you are found to have breached this rule,

disciplinary action may be taken against you.

• Important rules relating to referencing all sources including the study text, regulations and

citing statute and case law.

• Penalties for contravention of the rules relating to plagiarism and collaboration.

• Coursework marking criteria applied by markers to submitted answers.

• Deadlines for submission of coursework answers.

• You must not include your name or CII PIN anywhere in your answer.

• There are 80 marks available per coursework assignment. You must obtain a minimum of 40

marks (50%) per coursework assignment to achieve a pass.

• Your answer must be submitted on the correct answer template in Arial font, size 11.

• Each assignment answer should be a maximum of 3,200 words. The word count does not

include labels and headings however, it does include text and numbers contained within any

tables or diagrams you choose to use. The word count does not include referencing or

supplementary material in appendices. Please be aware that at the point an assignment

answer exceeds the word count by more than 10% the examiner will stop marking.

Top tips for answering coursework assignments

• Read the 992 Specimen coursework assignment and answer, available on the unit webpage.

• Read the assignments carefully and ensure you answer all parts of the assignments.

• You are encouraged to choose a context that is based on a real organisation or a division of

an organisation.

• For assignments relating to regulation and law, knowledge of the UK regulatory framework is

appropriate. However, marks can be awarded for non-UK examples if they are more relevant

to your context.

• There is no minimum word requirement, but an answer with fewer than 2,800 words may be

insufficiently comprehensive.