Rogerian Style Argument

Description – Article included in attached files – Third person point of view – Work cited page, and Internal Citation – 3 non internet sources (Use database and the one article included in the additional files) Generic Outline: — Intro (one paragraph) – Overview of problem/issue and controversy about how to solve it. – Side A’s answer to the problem – Side B’s answer to the problem – Question you will explore setting up the two sides. Body – Side A: (paragraphs 2-3) reasons and support (examples and explanations of Side A’s policy) – Side B: (paragraphs 4-5) reasons and support (examples and explanations of Side B’s policy) — Compromise and Conclusion (paragraphs 6-7) — Answers question from introduction — Discussed shared values and common ground between Side A and B. — Uses common ground to craft a compromise. – Will include an introduction that presents the problem/issue, introduces the opposing viewpoints, and then discusses the issue’s impact on both sides. – Will describe accurately and fairly the two opposing points of view on the problem/issue, demonstrating genuine understanding of each. – Will present these viewpoints in neutral but clear language. – Will lay out possible ways to compromise or alternative solutions to the problem that would benefit both sides. – Will use empathetic and non-judgmental language as a way of reaching compromise

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